Welcome to Bottle Tree Hill Organics


“Earth care, people care, fair share,” are the core principles of Permaculture, and the principle ethics of Bottle Tree Hill Organics, running out of ‘Logboy’ farm in the South Burnett. 

Producing organic and Permaculturally grown fruit, vegetables, meats, Bottle Tree Hill leaves the testament of our quality and fair treatment of the land to the quality of the produce. Primarily, our free range pork, ham, and bacon.


Our free range pigs are given the most natural lifestyle available, in rotating grassed paddocks with plenty of room to wallow, access to shelter, and natural shade; you will find no hormone injections, antibiotics, or vermicides in their lives. Their comfort is paramount, with overhead showers provided during the hottest months, and man-made shelters in which they can build nests for when the weather is a little cooler. We extend this natural philosophy towards growing of vegetables as well, with our produce being entirely free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers. We believe that this method of farming encompasses the permaculture principles beautifully, and our customers agree.

We believe that the experience that we have gained from over two decades of Permacultural farming on Logboy should be shared. ExIMG_0979panding into education, providing a series of day, and weekend long courses over the year, seemed a natural addition to our passions.

We have pork available. See our products section for details on how to order.