“Earth care, people care, fair share,” are the core principles of Permaculture, and the principle ethics of Bottle Tree Hill Organics, running out of ‘Logboy’ farm in the South Burnett.

Producing organic and Permaculturally grown fruit, vegetables, meats, Bottle Tree Hill Organics show the fair treatment of their land and livestock in the quality of the produce.

Through our ethical practices, we aim to regenerate, beautify and improve the land we farm and live on. In doing this we believe we can also produce the highest quality produce.

Our most premium product is our free range farmed pork. Our saddleback pigs are given the most natural lifestyle available, in rotated grassed paddocks with plenty of room to wallow, access to shelter, and natural shade; you will find no hormone injections, antibiotics, or vermicides in their lives. Their comfort is paramount, with 

overhead showers provided during the hotter months, and man-made shelters in which they can build nests for when the weather is a little cooler. We have found that the happiest of pigs make thetastiest of pork. We also produce Lamb and Beef with these natural ethics in mind.

While we love and care for our animals, we also see them as a tool for land improvement. Often on our blog or Facebook page you will see some of the relatively innovative ways we are using our animals to fix land degradation problems while they go about enjoying their lives.

We extend this natural philosophy towards growing of fruit and vegetables as well. Alongside our produce being entirely organic, we grow it in the most ‘permacultural’ or nature-like way we can.

All of the people who work on ‘Logboy’ farm are experienced in permacultural design concepts and every management decision we make reflects this. Many customers who have taken advantage of our open farm policy have seen this first hand. Often coming with us on farm projects or being taken on a general tour they agree that the experience that we have gained from the over two decades of Permacultural farming on Logboy should be shared. From this we are expanding into education. Where we intend to hold workshops and farm-skills courses (all with a permaculture leaning) throughout the year.

We also welcome experienced (or wanting to be) people who are wishing to get involved in Bottle Tree Hill Organics or ‘Logboy’ farm. Contact us for more information.

Please peruse our products section for an idea of what we have available for purchase. Our products are highly subject to seasonal harvests so some items may not always be available.