Life Food Design is a subsidiary company of Bottle Tree Hill Organics. Its primary purpose is to assist people transitioning to a farming lifestyle, with planning and practical mentoring. It also aims to promote and encourage permaculture through education within schools and community.

We hold techniques and course days which outline the principles, from basic to advanced, used in impact neutral production on both the small and broad acre. A properly planned and implemented Permaculture design can produce abundance in any climate. It isn’t hard. Call us and talk about it

Wil and Megan have both completed Permaculture Design Courses, have been planners for many years and have been putting theory into practice on their property for more than 20 years. Life Food Design allows us to promote the topic we are passionate about – Permaculture!

About our Teachers:

Megan Seiler
Permaculture Design Certificate, 25 years experience, and Teacher Aide. Head educator and  course coordinator.

Wil Seiler
Permaculture Design Certificate, teacher, BA, Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies. Owner and course content author.


Amanda Delahoy Seiler
Student of Arts, and dedicated to off-grid living.

Kenelm Delahoy Seiler
Student of Environmental Science and dedicated to sustainability.